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    I had a web designer set up my website years ago, but i took over and everything was fine, until i forgot to renew something and my website went online, and now I am trying to get it back online and I am having quite a difficult time, and its left me with a ton of questions. I have a domain name, but do i need a host too? I have a G Suite account and a GoDaddy account, but what is the difference? do I need both accounts? Can GoDaddy do what G Suite does? Everyone  wants me to sign up for plans, but what all do I really need? I have a monthly plan with G Suite and I'm pretty sure i don't need it. I gave GoDaddy money for something, but I fear i might need to sign up for a monthly hosting plan yet too? I am using Showit 5 as my site designer, does anyone have experience with Showit5? Do they do anything in the realm of hosting or am i just paying them for site building? Any answers would be most helpful. Thanks!

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    Hi @AL86,

    that's quite a shopping list you have there to begin with. Try whittling it down a little to a few questions and forum members (unless they can speed type) will be more likely to spend 10 minutes rather than a morning helping out.


    To simplify things, you need a domain name and hosting. But that is really simplifying things. How are you going to build your site? What type of site? Email? Database? E-commerce? Static html? The lists are endless, so start off by chatting to support. They will give the best advice particular to your needs.




    I just got a domain from another godaddy user. He has an existing site that I don't want to lose until I can build a new one.  How do I go about building a new wordpress site for that domain to then switch that domain to my site?


    Do I need to build the site on a different domain then have it link to mine once it is done?? 


    We are both godaddy customers. 


    Hi all! I'm looking for some advice on the best way to approach the design of a page. Here's the page as I have it built right now:


    Basically, I've build two columns. Images on the left column, and text on the right. Here's my problem. I need to update this page on a regular basis, and right now updating is a big huge PITA. While the text on the right is built from a single text block, thereby letting me easily update new text at the top and pushing everything downward, the images on the left are time consuming to realign with the text.


    First of all, I can't select all the images and move them down en masse, keeping their proportion with each other. I have to select and move each image separately. I've also tried building a table, but there's no way to import images into table cells.


    So.... any suggestions? Ideally, I'd like to be able to add new credits at the top of the list, pushing everything down in proportion, so that the text and images stay aligned with each other as I have them now.