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    Helper V

    GoCentral Abandoned Cart sending out emails for empty cart

    While doing a test on my cart yesterday, I put some items in my cart. At the end of the day I emptied it and closed my site. Early this morning I got an abandoned cart email stating I had left something in my cart. I had not. I logged into my site and it was empty. Apparently, the website is sending out erroneous emails even when the cart is empty. Or is it designed to send emails even if the person had at one point put something in the cart???

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    Product Team



    Thanks for bringing this to our notice.  System typically queues up an email, after  few minutes of abandoning cart.  So, the email was already scheduled before you may have emptied the cart.  Nevertheless, the edge case seems to be a bug and we'll be fixing it soon.  



    Mohan Kumaresh, 

    Product Manager, Online stores

    @ProdMgr_OLS  That's good to hear. Thank you.

    @ProdMgr_OLS  I was testing my cart again today and see that this still isn't fixed. I put something in my cart and immediately deleted it. The next day I got a reminder to complete my checkout. Any updates?

    I'm having the same issue. I want to edit/customize the abandoned cart email. I hope GoDaddy changes this soon.