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    GoCentral Contact Form - Email missing subject of value

    The email that results from a contact form page fails to use anything meaningful in the subject (or at least body).  


    Current subject is "New message - <domain>".  It would be best to have control over this field and pre-populate it with the Title of the page used to contain the contact form.  However at least using the aforementioned title is more useful then what is there now.  Of course it's a new message.  what else would it be?  I know who it's from by the sending email address, so why would you use this???  In the case of more than one contact form being used, no way to tell the difference. and when you get many emails a day, something with a little more guidance would be useful.


    Some examples of Contact Form usage

    1. general information request
    2. change of some access - like a request to change the email contact information in the membership area.
    3. request for a form - estoppel letter, or some other form.

    a site may have use for multiple contact forms like I do.  I don't want a user to click on a gate access request form and have to say they want a gate access request - they are already using that form.


    WORKAROUND: add a field at the beginning that has a subject of what the contact is about and tell users to leave the field blank.


    Please advise.

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    Hi @trillium_jay,


    Thanks for posting. Unfortunately, the form subject line cannot be edited within our GoCentral plans. I would suggest trying out Jotform for a more customizable form. Hope that helps!


    Lisi - GoDaddy | Community Moderator | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.

    Thanks Lisi. I'll take a look at it. But you have to admit, controlling the subject line of an email is trivial to support. As well as a no brainer. - Jay