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    GoCentral Store Product Page Options - HELP!

    Hi! I need help. I have tried every way to figure this out but there is just no solution. 

    The GoCentral Store (Website Builder) Product Page needs some TLC. Can you add some features for online stores? Our business does Pre-Orders and Online Sales and would like to use the functions on the website as an option but they are not available. 


    EX: Product that I would like to Pre-Sale and setup for buyers to Pre-Order online there is no option other than "Add to Cart"? Can You Add these items below?

    ✔️ Replace “Add to cart” with “Pre-Order” button automatically for out-of-stock products.

    ✔️ Apply Pre-order for certain products and product variants.

    ✔️ Limit quantity for Preorders for certain products and variants.

    ✔️ Customize Pre-order button texts for different products and variants.

    ✔️ Schedule Pre-order start and end dates.

    ✔️ Find orders containing Pre-order products easily with order tagging.

    ✔️ Show Pre-Order button on product view page or quick view options.

    ✔️ Enable and disable Pre-orders in bulk.

    ✔️ Compatible with online quantities edited.

    ✔️ Activate Pre-order option just for certain countries.

    ✔️ Be assured that a customer will see cart label for products on Pre-order.

    ✔️ Customize style and text for Pre-order button to match site settings and functionality.

    ✔️ Track overall and detailed statistics and lists of Pre-orders.

    ✔️ Link the Tabs labeled Pre-Order with the Pre-Orderable items.


    Also, Is there a way for you add a option for a wishlist for buyers? This create list that they can print and give to another loved one to order for birthdays, holidays, etc.? 



    Wishlist Options:

    * Abandoned cart reminders

    * Price drop push

    Back in stock push

    * Shipping push notifications

    * Welcome push notifications

    * Scheduling campaigns

    * Flash sales

    * Target both desktop and mobile (Apple & Android) visitors by sending them to push notifications

    * Use Google Analytics to minutely track clicks and conversions for your push campaigns 

    * Wishlist Items sent to cart then abandoned cart reminders sent 24 hrs later

    * Revenue Recovery

    * Requires an account setup linked with there wish list and personal info

    * Account info is basic info for shipping, wishlist, etc.




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    Community Manager

    Hi @Auntkk. Thanks for the great feedback! We'll be sure to get this passed on to our development team for review. Thanks again!


    JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.

    Ok, thanks @JesseW I appreciate it!