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    GoCentral doesn't support customer export?

    So I've been on the phone with Godaddy and they are telling me that I CAN'T export my own customers from my paid Go Central store. Steve the supervisors says this is not a capable request? What kind of business runs a business that can't export a customer list? So this said if you're thinking about a Go Central store you might want to rethink it. I've left due to all the problems and constant changes with the go central platform. I was able to export my customers however but no much of anything else. Now if you upgrade to a more expensive custom website designed by godaddy then OF COURSE this can be done for you but not if you want to host your own store or move to another server or platform. Hope this helps someone out. I'm not a complainer and don't do bad reviews but this is just the most ridiculous thing godaddy has ever done to me in my many years of paid hosting and 100+ domains listed. So long godaddy and all of this over a few of my customers. It's the point not the amount of customers. So now my tens of thousands of dollars I've spent with you will no longer be spent with you. I will now take my business to a more ethical company in the future unless you clean up your business ethics and do whats right. You can add the ability to export in less than 5 minutes. HMMMM. Why wouldn't you do that for your customers?

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    Hi @wskllc,


    Welcome to the Community, we appreciate your input. We're sorry that you're unhappy with the features of the Online Store. The plan you have chosen is intended as an easy way for the average seller/shop owner to build and get their products online. If GoDaddy builds the store for you, it's built on an entirely different platform with different - and in some cases - more advanced features, requiring the customer to know more about using WordPress. It is a larger investment for some of our customers, as well. You can also make that move and use WordPress with a choice of plugin options to create a more sophisticated shopping avenue. 





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