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    Google Analytics Code with Quick Shopping Cart

    I've added Google Analytics tag code to the Footer section of the Quick Shopping Cart. It's not executing there.


    Specifically, Google's Tag Assistant reports that the code needs to be in the HTML <head> section of all pages. I see no way of accomplishing this in Quick Shopping Cart. Additionally, while Tag Assistant sees that the tag in the footer exists, it is not executing.


    Here are Google's descriptions of the two issues:


    Move the tag inside the head.

    We have detected that the Google Analytics tracking code is outside of the <head> section on this page. This decreases the likelihood that the tracking beacon will be sent before the user leaves the page.
    One of the main advantages of the asynchronous snippet is that you can position it at the top of the HTML document. This increases the likelihood that the tracking beacon will be sent before the user leaves the page. We've determined that on most pages, the optimal location for the asynchronous snippet is at the bottom of the <head> section, just before the closing tag.
    Solution: Ensure that you add the Google Analytics tracking code onto this page before the closing tag.

    Missing HTTP Response

    Missing HTTP Response denotes that, while the Google Analytics code was detected in the page source, the script itself did not execute. Each time the Google Analytics script executes, we expect an HTTP Response carrying the tracking request to Google’s servers.
    This means that the Google Analytics code is not implemented properly on the page and no data will be collected.
    Recommended Action: Reinstall the Google Analytics snippet by removing the current iteration, copy a new version from the Analytics interface, and insert that version into the site.
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    Hello @PhilH!


    Thank you for posting. You can add your analytics code to the header of your Quick Shopping Cart. Here's our guide on adding HTML to your header. You can ignore the section where it says that Google suggests putting it in the footer since you know that's not working for you. 


    Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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