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    Google Calendar Glitch, Can't change time of event



    Here is the symptom, I had an event called "Business Meeting, Presentation TBA" at 10am on Jan 11. I change the time to 9am and GoDaddy still displays 10am. I delete the event and it goes away, but when I create a new event "Business Meeting 9am (NOT 10am)", at 9am, GoDaddy still shows an event at 10am!!! This is messed up. I've tried everything including deleting the section in website builder, relinking the calendar and it still has this issue. Help. Thanks.

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    Hi @TVOMTA,


    Thanks for posting. It sounds like it may be a caching issue, I'd recommend clearing your cache and testing access again.


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    How do I clear the cache? This isn't on my browser, it's true for anyone who views the site. 

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    I just figure out that issue today. Go into your calendar settings, and change the timezone to UTC.  That should fix that hour difference issue.



    Very Respectfully,

    Drew Davis
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