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    HTTP POST requests

    I have a domain and GoDaddy Store page.  It is contacted to my FB business page for analytical setup.  I tried to get my SHOP NOW page on my Facebook set up to redirect to my GD shop.   After several tries I did it through FB app set up.  HOWEVER, if someone on my FB page clicks on that tab, that get an error message.  (ERROR 404, file not found) Some research has suggested it is because my GoDaddy doesn't support HTTP POST requests.  Many threads on here tell you how to redirect Godaddy to FB but not the other way around.  Research suggested to contact the webhost but when I call GoDaddy I have a hard time understanding the CSR's with thick accents.  Please help. 

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    Hi @ideniseb, thanks for posting.

    I apologize, but it's not clear to me what you are trying to setup. Can you more clearly explain what you have configured and how you expect it to work?

    A 404 error is a general error that indicates the URL is wrong or the file/page doesn't exist. You may want to ensure that your website is functional and whatever URL you are using is accessible.


    Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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    Thank you for your inquiry.  So heres the deal....I have a GD website store.  I have a FB page that I set up.  You can custom tabs on FB to redirect to your GD Webpage.  FB says it was set up correctly.  However, when someone hits on that tab, it does NOT redirect. Instead it gives visitors that error message.  I have been told to contact my website provider, which is GD.  My FB page is https://www.facebook.com/thriftynetstore/     The tab for SHOP NOW is what is not working.  It does NOT redirect despite FB confirming I set it up correctly.  A friend with beginning website design told me it could be an iframe issue on GD side.  I tried a couple of days ago thru GD chat to get it looked at.  They never confirmed it was a iframe issue.  They never told me what the issue was, just that it must be on FB side.  Which isn't what FB says.  So I'm now at an impasse and may have to move all my hardwork on my GD site to another website.  I'm pretty bummed. 

    Hi @ideniseb, thanks for following up.

    I don't see the shop now tab that you are referring to. Did you already remove it?
    Are you able to access your site normally by visiting your domain name?


    Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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