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    Having problem on web hosting. (missing commands)

    I am bad at asking questions :(.

    When I am using ssh access to my server(CPanel vps), I have the problem of missing commands.

    I do not have "apt-get" and "yum" and "sudo" command. 

    This is the list of the commands that I have:

    All Commands

    So my question is :

    how do I get these commands/can any of the commands in the list can replace these commands and how do I use them.

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    'yum' and 'apt-get' are both package management commands that are system dependant. It would depend on the system you are running on your VPS and these would come already installed with that system, linux based and including BASH (Bourne Again Shell), which has a lot of built-in commands such as the sudo command.


    ...... and that's as far as I'm going down this rabbit hole........... lol

    Helper V

    @JerryLi The correct command to run depends on the Linux Distro you are using. The current Distro's available for VPS's are as follows CentOS 6, Fedora 20 & 22, Ubuntu

    Looking over that list you will need to use one of the following.

    For Cent OS6, Fedora 20 and 22 use: yum

    For Ubuntu use: apt-get

    Only the Self Managed VPS's have root enabled. If you have Managed or Fully Managed you will need to enable Root access from your account before you can use sudo or su





    Thank you very much on answering the question 😃

    I am a beginner on this...

    I do not know how to give root access even I asked my best friend google 8).

    Can you suggest some video tutorials that I can understand on giving root access?

    Thank you very much!