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    Help please-website, domain, hosting. How to link the 3?

    Hi, I did a Godaddy free website trial and built a website and clicked publish although it seems to be nowhere to be found on the web. Bought a domain to link to it and paid for a year's hosting but seem to have 3 separate products and no easy way to combine them into one. Tried linking  .com domain to the domain but says can't transfer to same owner?

    I had hoped this would be simple but there's seems to no real logical way to combine the website, domain and hosting, can anyone help?

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    Super User II

    GoCentral is a self-contained platform that includes the templates, page designer, and hosting.  It sounds like you may have purchased stand-alone hosting and added your domain to that, which would prevent you from adding the domain to other products as they can only be associated with one at a time.


    If that is the case you can cancel the regular web hosting plan (like cPanel or Plesk) which would free up the domain after the system has a chance to recognize the change.  Then you would be able to add the domain to your GoCentral plan as normal.  Make sure to contact support to tell them if you would like a credit applied to your account or a refund of the superfluous plan, as these are processed manually.