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    Hide Information in HTML

    I'm making a puzzle game kind of like Cicada 3301, and one step is to inspect my website page with chrome, and look through the html in the source code, an find a hidden code in the form of a comment. I tried to make an html section on the page, then type <!-- ... --> like a normal html comment, but it doesn't work. If you inspect it, it changes some of the characters and acts as code rather than a comment, being in blue rather than green, which would be easier for the player to see. 


    Thanks in advance

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    Super User I

    It may be difficult to hide information in the HTML with GoCentral as the HTML sections cut out a lot of stuff that wouldn't be essential for mainstream use to prevent possible exploits.  It may be possible with structured data but I've not tested this use case.  https://schema.org/