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    Horrible experience with Shippo. Any better ecommerce/shipping solutions?

    I have had two problems with SHippo in the last few months. I filed a DHL Express claim and they never submitted it to DHL, so I am out $600 and they refuse to cover it.  The second claim was paid for an arbitrary amount and I can't get anyone at SHippo to answer my inquiry. There is no phone number. I need a better solution.

    I am currently using the GoDaddy GoCentral Webstore, which for whatever reason does not allow FedEx Ground integrations, so I had to use Shippo. I only have about 15 products. I would like a ecommerce solution that will allow me to integrate my own accounts with DHL Express, FedEx, UPS and USPS without having to go through a 3rd party shipping service.  I need to be able to use my own accounts so I don't have to communicate with carriers through a company like Shippo. I am considering Shopify or setting up with Squarespace and I have heard WooCommerce is popular.  Can anyone make suggestions for my situation?  

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