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    How To Add Google Forum HTML To Website Builder?

    So i bought a domain, and I'm trying to use the website builder. When i try to add in a google forum html code into the html link for the website builder it doesn't work? Does anyone know how to add one in with website builder i am a novice at all of this, and everything that i am reading and trying is coming to a dead end thanks..

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    Hey @joebrann,

    First let me say welcome to the community forum! Smiley Happy

    When adding custom HTML code to your Website Builder account, are you using the HTML tool in your page designer? Note that the custom code inserted with this tool might not fully function within the Page Designer or Preview function until the page is live as some HTML functions only work on the live site. 

    Any other member familiar with using Google's Forum HTML in Website Builder may be able to provide a little more insight here? 


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