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    How do I manage and update my website files?

    How do I access my file content on my website?

    Thank you



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    Advocate VII

    Hi @chinuex,


    That's a very broad question!!  Can you tell us a bit more about your site?  Is it a website builder, a managed wordpress, html/css?   We can then give you information specific to your  situation.


    Hope this Helps,


    Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites


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    If you figured it out share your find.  I can see the files but can not open or copy or edit them.

    What did you do to figure it out.  I have a pdf file I cropped and when I upload it to the website, it is bigger and shows some info I don't want on there.  I'd like to edit the file I uploaded but I can't find my uploaded files.  Where are they?

    Hello @pbj1!


    Thank you for posting. Which type of hosting are you using?


    Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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    Is the answer here? i'm looking for the file manager in Website builder, can't find it. 


    Same question here. Did you get an answer? I can not find the file manager in 7 either.



    If you're adding or editing a download link within the page designer interface, you should be able to access the file manager using the steps outlined here. Beyond that there's no other method I know of for remote or FTP access to manage your uploaded files for your Website Builder project. 


    Hope this helps.


    CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
    24/7 support available at x.co/247support

    Thank you CG Moderator so much for the help! Finally got my old files deleted!


    Follow the directions that the poster CG Moderator linked. Go down to the second blue box and it tells you how to delete your old files!



    I did not find a file manager either, as was available in the previous version of Website Builder.  In the old version, I could visibly see, print, upload/download, files & pictures, WITHOUT the necessity of having to link them to something, just to get them on the sever.  In this new version, of the 'greater and better' Website Builder, which they spent YEARS working on, major, useful features of the previous Website Builder are no longer available.  They call this an 'improvement'?  What is worst is that I find out that my files are no longer stored in my website account, and and are not even recognizable.  The files are currently stored on 'nebula.wsimg.com'.  One of my files has the link name of 'http://nebula.wsimg.com/db419e7d868fb6c6f45cc1ad571a39ea?AccessKeyId=87438E04B1183134AA5D&dispositio...'.  Now with that hash, try figuring out precisely WHAT file name you might be dealing with!  If you have been presuming that your files are stored on YOUR sight, under YOUR control, surprise--NOT!!  Under the new Website Builder, I can no longer see a name of the files that have been uploaded to my site.  I can no longer just upload, or delete a file, if I desire, as I cannot see the blasted files.  How do you tell?  Do a right click on a link that you have, which is supposed to point to a file on your website.  From the selections, select the 'copy link location' option.  This will give you the address of where the file is.  SURPRISE!!  You would find out that like my file, for this new Website Builder 7 crap, that the file is sitting on a server named 'http://nebula.wsimg.com'.  GoDaddy never mentioned that my files were going to be siphoned off to another server, where I cannot see them, or control them, as previously existing options in Website Builder 6 gave to you (I definitely REALLY miss Website Builder 6 at this point).  This lack of control is really unacceptable.

    I have been wondering the same thing.  I am trying to delete an older version of a file that has the same name as a new version so that I can save the newer version but it won't let me have access to the files themselves.  Any resolution to this?

    No resolution.  I was told that they removed the capability of managing your files, due to some folks messing their website up, by deleting stuff.  They essentially penalized the entire community, for screw-ups by some folk.  One less headache for them, but if you wanted to actually be able to control your files, or just to see what you have and don't have, you can no longer do with with Website Builder 7.  They are 'helping' you.........  However, look on the bright side, if you cannot control your files, and they exceed your allocated space, they will be happy to SELL you additional space, for a price! 

    Website in builder

    Website builder version 7.  Need to up date a form on the website. camelliasocietyofsacramento.org

    Hi James, 


    Im planning to build a site using services like Weebly, Wix, or Wordpress.

    After a year I plan to move site hosting to GoDaddy.

    Would it be difficult to move my site? Would i be able to move everything as is?




    It is a GoDaddy Account.




    Rich Wooten

    I feel so stupid.  I'm just trying to update my website thincfree.com with you (wordpress).  Just don't know what door to enter.


    Also, the font on my website seems to have changed to a "courier" type of font; not what was shown in the template