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    How do I remove products from a marketplace?

    Have products listed on website and 2 marketplaces (Amazon, EBAY).  How do I remove a product listing from a market place?  I can delete the product from Amazon or EBAY directly, but the listing still shows under marketplaces and will relink/recreate the listing on the marketplace if I edit/update the product.

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    Community Manager

    Hi @numex. Thanks for posting. That doesn't sound normal. Could you provide more information about exactly what steps you're taking and what's happening? It should be possible to have products posted on your site but not in a marketplace. You shouldn't see the products pushed back into the marketplace after you've deleted them there, unless you publish them to the market place on purpose. If you're seeing the listings get republished in a marketplace after updating them, you may want to connect with a GoDaddy Guide so they can take a look at what's happening. 


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