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    How do I upload a website to GoDaddy?

    Hello everyone, I am re-hosting a website for my friends. They had originally hosted the website through bluehost but then the person running the website couldn't do it anymore. So they had to take it down and transfer the info and the structure of the website to a file. I was sent the file that contained the website and my friends bought a godady domain and web hosting service. Now I have tried uploading the file through FileZilla but for some reason it is not working. Now I have tried uploading the file both zipped and unzipped but it is still not working. Now when I look at the read me file in the packet my friend sent me I see that it links to a html page that is a copy of the WordPress 5-minute easy install page. I have also tried downloading the WordPress plugin and uploading the file to there but it still doesn't work. Can anyone help me out? 

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    You might want to give GoDaddy support a call.  IIRC, I was told how to set up my FTP program using four sets of short numbers separated by periods.  You will need your member number and possibly your PIN the first time you call.