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    How long will Website Builder 7 be operational?

    While discussing what apparently turned out to be a bug in Website Builder 7 (WB7) with Chat Support yesterday, I was told "the developers have already moved on to the GoCentral version of Website Builder."  I also learned that there is no migration/transition path from WB7 and that I would have to rebuild the site I manage by hand at some indeterminate time in the future. 


    I didn't know anything about (or even of the existence of) GoCentral so I started browsing around the Help and Community Forums.  It would appear that GoCentral is a totally insufficient replacement for WB7 at this time (who knows if it will ever be satisfactory?).  


    Further exploration of the Community Forums reveals that GoDaddy did a very similar thing not so long ago to the users of Website Builder 6 (WB6) - introduced a new, incompatible product with no migration/transition path and eventually shut down sites built on WB6.  


    I think this is horrible customer support.


    It would appear that we can no longer expect any fixes (let alone upgrades) to WB7. Fortunately the bug I stumbled into isn't critical and I can ignore it or work around it, but that may not always be the case when something breaks due to an OS or web browser upgrade. And at some point, I've got to assume GoDaddy will terminate even continuing to run websites built with WB7 (as they demonstrated with WB6), leaving their customers to scramble to select a new tool, become proficient with it, and rebuild their website(s) before that imposed deadline.


    I asked one of the Chat Support agents I dealt with yesterday: "I would like to see an official statement from GoDaddy saying how long they intend to support Website Builder 7. And what that support will actually constitute, since apparently all the developers have already moved away and aren't available to resolve bugs. What assurance do I have that GoDaddy will address things if a future OS or browser upgrade breaks things."


    About all I could get in response was "You will get information from GoDaddy about that. GoDaddy will send an email communication on any support updates for discontinued products. Right now, v7 is not yet considered as a discontinued product."


    So the best guess I can make is that I won't see any more upgrades or fixes to WB7 and that I might (or might not) get 6 months advance notice when WB7 is no longer NYADP (Not Yet A Discontinued Product) and is being shut down completely. (No Longer NYADP = ADP)


    Is there any definitive information from GoDaddy addressing how long we can expect Website Builder 7 to be operational?



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    For this you must ask Godaddy Support !

    Please give it a +1 and also click "Mark As Accepted Solution" if you find it satisfactory. Thanking You With Regards | Harry Parmar

    Ummm ... "While discussing ... with Chat Support", "I asked one of the Chat Support agents ...".


    Actually, the second support agent directed me here. "I also encourage you to join the forums for you to be able to describe the issues you're experiencing. We have experts in the forum that is available to help you out."


    Sorry, but -1, not a satisfactory solution.



    Hey @ds619,


    I'm sure @Harryparmar was just trying to help. Unfortunately, there is no official statement regarding the end of life cycle for V7 cause no such announcement has been made. For the time being, it's not considered a discontinued product. 


    I know there will be fewer V7 updates made cause the focus is GoCentral which was rolled out at the beginning of this year. However, there should still be security and patch fixes when necessary. 


    GoCentral was developed with 'speed' and 'mobile first' in mind. Although it did release with limited features, our developers have been working diligently to roll out new updates continously to add more customization and improvements comparable to our previous versions of Website Builder.


    I know migration between V6, V7, and GoCentral is major pain point on both sides. Much of this is due to the large difference of both development technologies and hosting platforms used between the three. Our developers are still trying to workout a better solution for a V7 to GoCentral move. 


    Appreciate you taking the time to share your concerns. I assure you that our development teams who are monitoring these forums as well are taking them into consideration. If we ever hear news regarding an End of Life for V7, we'll be sure to communicate what we know. 


    CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
    24/7 support available at

    What I'm asking is that GoDaddy make an explicit statement and commitment re. the end of life cycle and future support of WB7. Without that, one can only assume the worst case: that it might be pulled at any time.


    It's clear that GoDaddy has already stopped making fixes to WB7. It is no longer shown as an available product on


    Even after stranding WB6 users without a migration/transition path, GoDaddy turned right around and is apparently doing it again. Didn't they learn from that prior experience? I pity anyone who was using WB6, moved to WB7 even though they felt it was less capable, and is now looking at having to move again.


    Why would one not expect GoDaddy to strand GoCentral users in the same way in another year or two? Fool me one, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.



    I have 3 sites and godaddy has messed me up multiple times. I am looking for a total different domain and host and dumping all 3 sites

    I have 4 websites with GoDaddy. One that is Builder 7 which I love. I receive many complements on my design. The other 3 are with the new version GoCentral with I am not thrilled with. I do not have the freedom to design and place photos where I want. And create my own design. Billmixer I know you commented back in April but can you tell me what new website design company you have selected?

    I am glad that this most recent post is current, rather than when the conversation started a year ago.  I am caught between a rock and a hard place.  I have a website on Builder 7.  I was unaware of the existance of GoCentral until GoDaddy marketing wanted to sell me something.  It took forever to create the current website.  From what I have read, it looks like GoCentral is an inferior product that does not allow migration from Builder.  That is really ludicrous,  Why would a company that touts their self-created websites do that?


    The only option I saw was to have GoDaddy create a new website on Open Press, so I tried their professional web creation through wordpress.  It  is an astronomical cost and I had great expectations.  The website they presented me with looked like a junior high website project.  It was in no way similar to our present website, which is a business website.  I don't know what to do.  We need a website.  We need a website that will migrate our Builder website.  The original website was effective, but now what to do?


    Anyone have a solution other than leaving GoDaddy?