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    How to Collect Outstanding Balance from deposit payments?

    I have products that I am selling outright. However, in some case, we do deposits. While I am able to setup a deposit, the outstanding balance is collected when we are ready to ship. 

    I cannot find a way to initiate a payment for the outstanding balance. Other searches I had done, Collect Partial Deposit. Request Partial Deposit, Collection Balance Due on Product. Is there any way to collect this via online store ?  

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    Hey @d3nzL,


    Welcome to the community! Smiley Happy


    If you're looking to use Online Store for this type of product transaction then it won't be possible. 

    This does not allow partial deposits, only full on purchases. 


    I'm not familiar with any other way of trying to initiate a partial deposit or collecting a balance due through any online store front that doesn't usually require mailing an invoice to the physical address of the shopper. If there is a way, perhaps another community member would be willing to suggest it here?


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