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    How to add PayPal to my site?

    New here, but can anyone please help we figure out how to add PayPal to my website. Thanks!

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    Helper V



    Hi there Mike,

    Depending what you want to do ..... the base code of your site etc.. There is the handy buttons , or you need to do the paypal api....api is done through the paypal developer site at

    Hope this gives you a idea of where to start

    Mrsroadrunner Photography

    I copied the html button code from my PayPal account and now want to add that code to the button I created in my website builder.  I pasted the code in the button settings, in the "Link" field because not seeing anywhere else to place it.  When I save the settings and do a preview of the website, the button is there but it is showing some of the html code data.  What am I doing wrong?

    I'm having the same issue.  Did you ever figure out how to do it??



    While the end result you want is the PayPal button, you don't use the 'Button' option to create it.  Use the 'HTML Code' option.  When you click on settings, in the HTML Code Settings tab, paste over the existing HTML with the HTML code you copied from PayPal and save.  The PayPal button will then show up on your page.

    There is no HTML Code option

    Im having the exact same problem trying to add a paypal button.

    To find the "HTML" option you need to scroll to the bottom of the options panel on the left of the screen, that's the panel that has the options starting with, New Page, Text, Image etc.... Once you have selected the HTML option then follow the instructions as per the earlier posts.