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    How to add a Favicon with the new site builder

    It used to be alot easier to add a favicon, there used to be a ic ant even use html in the header without it displaying on the site. Please help

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    Super User II

    Favicon is a feature of the Business and Business Plus plans.  It should be found in the Site Settings.


    Former Employee

    • This article is for Website Builder 7, not GoCentral/New Website Builder, where the features is limited to Business and Business Plus plans.  
    • Central/New Website Builder lets you add a favicon in all versions:


    Unfortunately they changed the builder to GodaddyCentral.  I have had several phone calls over the last week regarding your concerns, especially the html widget because I needed it for what I was doing. If you need it, you will have to do what I did which was cancel the new builder and tell them you want to use builder 7.  It is not part of the special though so you will have to pay normal price.  The new builder is designed to be super easy and anyone can build a site.  I would agree that it is in fact very easy to use but missing the features that some of us need.  When I asked about the the html specifically, they said that they are actively making changes and that the html feature may be one of them.  That being said, there is no time frame so don't hold your breath.  Just switch to the other builder if you need it.  The favicon is the same thing.  That is something that they probably forgot about when building it.  I will give them some praise though too.  Even though I changed my builder to builder 7, I did build another one using the new builder.  It is an online store.  I used godaddy years ago and didn't like the lack of product features so I moved it to BigCommerce. Well here we are 2 years later and I moved back.  Although they still lack a lot of product features other's offer, the website is clean and looks great on phones and tablets which is super important these days.  Additionally, they now include the SSL and the abandoned cart which you used to have to pay for separately on Godaddy, but you still do have to pay separately on other company store builders.  I hope all of that helps.   Good luck

    Former Employee

    If you're looking for how add a favicon for GoCentral/New Website Builder (not WSB 7), there's a new Help article on that: