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    How to change Line Spacing in Website Builder?

              How do I change line spacing using Website Builder?  I've tried various font styles and a variety of font sizes, but space between the printed limes always seems to be approximately the font size (e.g looks like double spacing on my old Smith Corona typewriter).



              I want the blank space between lines to be approximately 20% of the font size.  E.g.; in Microsoft Word I set spacing at 1.15 which starts bottom of the next line at 115% of the font size selected.  Thus, the space between lines is 15% of the font size.  I'm thinking 1.2 spacing on my web site.


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    Hey @mnGary,


    What you're describing sounds like a setting controlled by the specific theme you have selected for your project. Unfortunately, there's no direct way within the page designer tools to alter line spacing between text in a content box. The only other way I could think of to work around this would be to setup multiple text boxes with the lines of text you're needing and space each one individually. 


    If any other member has encountered something like this within their own project and found a solution that worked for them, perhaps they can share what they did as another suggestion to consider?


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    I too am trying to change line spacing in website builder.  You can do the work-around for simple titles, but in paragraph text it is unworkable.  PLEASE FIX!

    Yes, this is simple and standard on Word.  No reason why it shouldn't be in this builder.  My text goes too far down in the box. It looks unprofessional.

    I've been having the same problem. This is really basic stuff. Any graphics program will let you easily adjust line spacing. There's no way to type a paragraph. Do you all have something against paragraphs? This is just silly, but I'm glad to see I'm not the only one. I've been tearing my hair out for days.

    Days? I've been pulling my hair out for years with GoDaddy! Perhaps it's time we find another web host!

    Terrible solution! Our website has a list of all our members that include name, address, phone number, fax number, website, E-mail and contact name. We are forced to use double spacing which makes our list extremely long. I've used tables, etc. in website builder and NOTHING will change the spacing between lines. It's really sad we are forced to use double spacing between lines. 

    Getting Started

    It's horrible that we can't change line spacing. My site lists all of our members. It's horrible that everything is double spaced and not single spaced. For the money we pay for this service, I should be able to change the line spacing. Even when I copy and paste single spaced from Microsoft Word, it automatically formats to double spaced in Web Builder. I don't understand why this can't be fixed. And all of that after being forced to switch over to the new format and rebuilding my entire site from scratch. Not right.


    I just figured it out! When in the paragraph tab, choose bullet...that simple.

    When editing a paragraph, choose Heading 4 for Style. This will give you as close to single line spacing as you are going to get.  You can then alter font type and size.  Clumsy, but workable. Why WebBuilder can't have a simple workable text editor is a mystery.


    That doesn't work either. It's still multiple line spacing.

    This actually works!  It is a rubbish way to do things but it works.

    Thanks for this tip.

    Bullets? Who wants bullets at the beginning of every line? That's crazy!