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    How to change the header on a duplicate page in a different language?



    I've created a duplicate of my page in order to add a translated version (Google Translate is ok, but my customers are equally english and french so I made a duplicate site so that the translation is perfect). 


    Everything went okay, except for the header. I'm only able to retain a header on the "home" page (En), and not on the duplicate page (Fr). Would someone be able to tell me how to get the options for cover image, headline, etc on to the Fr page as well? Unless there's a better way to have a duplicate translated page (is it possible to make something like www.mywebsite.com/fr/ for example?), I'm all ears!


    Thank you!


    P.S. I saw this solution for Website builder 7 to place items on multiple pages but I wasn't able to find a way to do this with GoCentral: https://ca.godaddy.com/help/place-items-on-multiple-pages-8359

    Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 11.51.14 AM.png

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    Hi @fsarseneau,


    Thanks for posting. Unfortunately, the header section is only for the home page, you could try selecting a section that resembles the header for the duplicate page. 


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