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    How to create a link to a pop-up/modal for continuation of information?

    I'm searching for a way (either with web builder tools or HTML) to create a link along the lines of "read more" where when you click it a pop-up/modal comes up with a continuation of the information from that particular section.  Basically, we have a lot of employees with long bios and I don't want to have a massive page with everyone's bio in its full text form and would like a small box to pop up so a visitor can read more without leaving the current web page.  Any suggestions?

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    Helper V

    What are you using to create the site? Is it WordPress? There are probably thousands of ways to do what you are asking.


    I just added button to do this. If you have an http for bio's you can add button, double click on it, settings open & you can paste in http with open new window & it will open new window. I added button text to say "read more".

    You ever get a logical answer let me know.  Dealing with same thing~


    Does anyone in the community know how to do this using Website Builder.



    I would like to the same thing with a FAQ section where  would like to have the question then to click on text for the answer to appear underneath (not on a separate page)

    You're looking for a toggle, if you know html you can write it in. If you're using wordpress there's a plugin for it. Try the "Toggles Shortcode and Widgets" plugin, I used it on my website for the same thing an it seems to work fine and is super easy. 


    I would also like to do this with the Website Builder if anyone can provide direction. 

    just add to html code on page you want it

    reply for instruction- Liz

    Hi Liz,


    Can you tell me how to add the HTML code for "read more" text without bringing up another page? I want it to be like FaceBook where you click on "more" and the remainder of the comment is displayed.


    Thanks so much,


    Did anyone find an answer to this question. I need to know how to create a pop-up window in Website Builder for the purpose of incorporating customer reviews. Any help would be greatly appreciated.