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    How to get consistent text colors with Website Builder - Tutorial

    mngary writes, For Menu and for Buttons I am able to select text color e5e5e5.  But within the text box, when I select color for the text I am shown a different color grid and, if choosing "more colors" am unable to specify I want color e5e5e5.  e5e5e5 is the 'light grey' in the Menu and Button color grids, but not in the text box grid of colors. And, as mentioned, the custom color selection is different in text box than either Menu or Button.


    How do I get e5e5e5 for a text color inside a text box?  For a professional look 'n feel within my website, I need the same color choices inside a text box as available elsewhere in the builder.


    JesseW writes, You should be able to set text color to a specific Hex code using the "more colors" option. You'll just need to make sure you enter a # prior to the code. See below: 



    If you're using this method but the color isn't changing, it's possible the color is set by the template's CSS in a way it can't be changed. That would be unusual for body text though. If that doesn't help, please give more information here. That may help others respond as well.

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