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    How to have a page accessed by a password

    Does anyone know how to use website builder to have a page in a web site accessed by a password?  Condo association wants one page that owners only can see, but rest of site is available for public view.

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    Hi @M12345


    Thank you for your post. There would be 2 ways I can recommend that you may complete this with.


    The first option would be less costly but would require more work. You could consider moving the website to a wordpress application which would have options to password protect sites and setup usernames and passwords for individuals to access certain points of the site. This would require that the entire site be rebuilt and moved to a separate hosting environment.


    The second option to consider is to purchase a separate hosting ( also wordpress in my recommendation) and build the portion of the site that is password protected on the wordpress side, allowing the information portion of the site to remain built where it is now and not causing any extra work besides adding a link or two if needed to redirect someone to the login page. This would save much time as far as rebuilding goes but would also require you to have 2 separate paid hosting platforms.


    Hope this helps!