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    How to make PDFs on site crawlable by Google?

    The text in the PDF viewer does not appear to be crawlable by Google. 


    The text on the full page when you hit the "Download" button is crawlable, but not connected to the main domain.


    How can I get a crawlable version of a PDF on our site that is registered by Google as being on our site?


    Example here:


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    Hi @HarrisonF,


    Welcome to the Community!

    Whether a PDF can be read by Google bots on your website, depends more on how that PDF was created. Here's an interesting article to help you with creating a "crawlable" document for use on your website.



    TLH - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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    Hey Mike,


    LMK if I'm missing anything, I believe the PDFs I created are already crawlable by Google.


    The issue I'm having is that GoDaddy creates a link not connected to the our site's domain when uploaded.


    We're trying to upload PDFs to the site that are crawlable by Google and registered as being a part of our site.


    Here is an example of a PDF we uploaded:


    And here it is being crawled by Google, but not as a part of our domain: