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    How to put W+M store in vacation mode?



    I have a Godaddy Websites + Marketing store, and run a 2 person operation (me and wife). What i am wondering is if there is a way to put the store in "vacation mode". In other words if we want to go away for a couple of weeks, how can i make it so my customers know that we are away and we will not be shipping orders for a period of time. We sell on ebay and Amazon in addition to our own Godaddy store, and on those platforms you simply put your ebay or amazon store on vacation mode. If Godaddy Websites + Marketing doesnt have that what are the things other folks do instead? I suppose i could put a banner on each page saying the site is temporarily closed and zero out my inventory. Anyone else have a good solution to this problem? Thanks in advance.

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    Helper I

    I was in a similar situation a few months ago. I used a banner to let customers know that I was taking a short break, added the dates, and saying that no orders would be shipped between those dates. 

    Thanks for the reply Fidgeter. I wish that Godaddy would come up with an easier way for folks like us put the store in vacation mode. Seems like it would not be too hard to do. Maybe they can incorporate something like that in a future upgrade.