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    How to remove the scroll down menu named "more" from the page menu?

    Working with website builder business, and I am about to finish adding "pages". On top menu I now have total 7 pages, starting from Home, About us, Services, Suppliers, News, then it stops here. The next is named "more" and is now a drop down menu containing my remaining two pages named Vacancies and Contact Us.

    There seems to be a lot of space after logo (which is placed to the left). The menu with the 5pages plus the "more" scroll down menus is placed to the right. There is plenty of space but I simply cannot figure out how to remove it so that all pages appear on the top menu.


    Please, could anyone suggest a solution here, thanks!

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    Hello @Sentio!


    Thank you for posting. You should be able to delete the page. If you're having trouble doing that, reply here with details of what's happening. 


    Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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    Hi Heather,

    Apology, obviously I did not explain enough in details.
    My problem here is not that I want to remove the "more" dropdown menu that contains the two pages "Vacancies" and "Contact Us".
    Of some reason after I created the pages Vacancies and Contact Us seperately it just put those two pages together under one dropdown menu called "more". I did not ask it to do so and wonder why.
    What I want is that my visitors to our site shall not click on this "more" dropdown menu in order to choose for example Contact Us. I want both pages (Vacancies and Contact Us) being readily visible on the page when you open the page.
    Is there a way around this?
    Thanks in advance for your comments.