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    How to save options in website builder?

    I've tried searching with no luck... I am trying to save options to a custom category for different colors i have in stock for certain items. Under inventory and options, you can choose to have different options for a specific item... so if i create a color option and add like 20 different colors and customer can choose from, how can i save that entire list so that i don't have to rewrite all of the colors all over again on a different listing? It is kind of frustrating having to type all the colors every single time i add a product to my site!! Any advice? 

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    Hi @pixiedixie862,

    are you able to simply replicate one listing with all colours. Then simply edit the parts you need to edit, being fewer than listing all the colours all over again? 

    Does that make sense in an algorithm type of way?

    edit the few, not the many. 

    I can... but the problem with that is that the sizes are different on certain products including pricing, so when i go into replicating, it takes all of the info from the replica, and then i have to manually change prices and sizes... double the work!