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    I am new and have a question about hosting

    Hi Everyone.

    I am new and I just purchased the Ultimate Hosting package. It said you can add multiple websites. How do I add a second independent website with its own domain name to the same hosting account? Do I go to the cpanel and click on add domain? I always thought you could only have one domain with one hosting account. So when it said multiples websites, it confused me. Are each of these websites independent from each other? So each one has its own domain name? 

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    Hi @Kenneth

    Welcome to our forums.  Check out this article regarding hosting multiple websites on your hosting account. When you add a domain to your hosting account, each domain has it's own folder to host a separate site. 

    KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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    Thank you for helping me out. So let me ask you this, if I don't have the website yet, just a domain name. Then I go and add the new domain name to the present hosting account. It will have it's own URL, just like if it had its own hosting account: ? Since I haven't created the site yet, then it won't have a file yet. So I would go to it's cpanel and create a word press install, and thus that would create the file with the hosting account?