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    I cant edit my prices

    I can't edit the pricing for my two latest products.

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    Hi @Preston_A


    Thank you for your post and apologies for the issue that is occurring. Any chance you could list more specific details about what's occurring when you try to edit.


    Does the price field allow any edit at all or are you unable to modify the field?

    Are you seeing and error upon saving?

    Have all the required fields been completed before attempting to save?

    Have you tried re-signing into your account?

    Are you able to modify prices for other products?


    Answer to these questions will help us get a better understanding of the issue that is occurring.


    Best Wishes!


    The option to modify the price and the sales price isn't available at all, this is only on my 3 latest products

    Hi @Preston_A


    Thank you for the response. I tried to duplicate this through some of my test account using different browsers but was unable to duplicate the issue.


     I recommend contacting our 24/7 customer support line via 480-505-8877 and have them review the issue to see what may be causing this.


    Best Wishes!


    Having same problems almost a year later

    Doesn't seem like its been fixed?

    The area to EDIT the PRICE on a product is NOT EVEN VISIBLE

    Once you have entered the new product and go back to use the EDIT FUNCTION, you get into the PRODUCT and no where is there a FUNCTION BOX with the price, no longer there


    How do we edit our price?

    We have looked everywhere