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    Integrating Photo Album into website

    I have built the website and have used the GoDaddy photo album utility to house photos. How to I "attach" or access the photo album from the website. This is not the same photo album as the photos you upload when you access the "image' button. It is referred to as a Photo Gallery.  Thanks for any help!

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    Hey @Bravesone1


    To help clarify; the Photo Album utility you're referring to, was this our stand-alone Photo Album service we use to offer some time ago? If so, regrettably there isn't a way to integrate these accounts into our current Website Builder V7 sites. 

    Your best option for displaying these photos in a V7 site would be to upload them to the Website Builder account using the built in Gallery features.

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    This Photo and HTML Problem on GoDaddy Version 7 is Pure Bull$**t!!

    GoDaddy now has a worse product with V7 than when I used V6. 

    I run a high school alumni and I literally have over 100 yearbooks that were uploaded to originally "photo bucket"  and with anywhere between a 100 to 300 pictures per yearbook. I have 130 albums on photo bucket that I used to be able to SHARE on V6 using a HTML code and a slide show will appear. 


    In addition... I also had 30+ albums of pictures on the V6 version and when I placed as picture on my website I can go to one of these albums to FIND IT. 


    NOW...Go Daddy Version 7 will NOT accept my HTML codes and they don't offer the additional separation of albums on V7... so now I have to physically download 15,000 pictures into their photo gallery on V7 and search now for hours to find a selected picture. 


    Did I miss something? Is there another way to make it easier? Like I said the GoDaddy Web Builder verson 7 sucks and now a waste of my time and money! No longer happy with Go Daddy 😞 


    Ron K

    Alumni Coordinator SHS

    When you have such a large ongoing project such as photos and information from yearbooks, you should very much consider a backup of each category (year/section/etc) in a zip file so that when any online service changes you still have your backup to work with.  A yearbook from a previous year for instance will not have any data or image changes. Start your project by making sure you have control of your time and outcome down the road. The best way is to not 100% rely on any online or system that you don't control with your data. I've been working with computer systems since the DOS days and the first rule of thumb is to ALWAYS have a backup of your data. Because you have such a large project in this case, doing it by creating zip files would make it very efficient for you to access and upload to a new server.


    Contact me if you need more help. I can help you organize so that you can control any future changes down the road, being that technology will change and is not going anywhere anytime soon. You have a great idea with the yearbooks.


    Laura Gullett

    Twitter @skybits

    So why is it still available on Version7? . . . . Sitting there with a MANAGE button with no indication that it doesn't apply to this version?

    Disappointed, as I just spent the last few months using Photo Album to try to re-organize the hundreds of photos on my web site. {plus the hundreds-more waiting to be posted}

    The current Gallery on V7 is  not nearly as easy and efficient as the Photo Album.

    Trying to build a website with the tools provided and limited upload data, 5 gb a month. I can't waste my data on multiple uploads. That is dumb. 

    Hey @Jacie_Spoon,


    Glad to have you join us! Smiley Happy


    Can you clarify which tools you're referring to using? I think a little more information about what it is you're trying to accomplish and the errors you're running into would help other members reviewing this discussion be better able to suggest a solution for you. 


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