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    Interactive Maps

    Looking to add a interactive map to our website.  So our users/vistors  can mark locations on the map for all to view.   So if you see a pile of trash or an unsafe area  you could mark it on the map and others could see the location help clean up the mess or report/post signs of the unsafe area.

    With the options Allow Photos,User Name and info,  to locate to the nearest city, no gps/add location, and exact gps location and short description.



    MorelDawg Mushrooms


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    Hi @MorelDawg,

    you make this sound like a request lol, but what you need is what's called an 'image map'. By your description there would be a lot of coding involved. 

    I could do it, but seriously that's a lot of work. I don't do CMS though. 

    You may find some software out there already made to do this for you, but that won't come cheap. Think about google maps for a moment, then think about googles resources ........... the principles for simple image maps are not hard. But an almost seamless transition from one area to the next, plus the other features. It would also have to be server side and not client side, because you want everyone to see the updated pointer. This would need image-map handling capabilities and special map files. You would have to discuss with support first to see whether your hosting and server is capable. 

    Client side is rather easier. Client side doesn't have to be the poorer cousin though, not if updated maps were posted on a 'message board'. 

    Helper V

    @MorelDawg, you have many options. Many are free unless you have a high volume of use. You need to decide what provider you want to use. Google, as in Google Maps Web Service APIs | Google Developers, is the most famous. The following are other possibilities:


    There is an abundance of information available. You need to specify your preferences, your experience and whether you expect to do it yourself.


    Hi Sam,

    I am looking to add an interactive map to my website.  As part of an email enquiry form, I need to gather GPS coordinates from clients, showing where they need my service.  Generally it would be one pin, but could be multiple if there is functionality to do this.  I would like to do it myself, and ideally for free. I like Google, but am not sure if this functionality is available free?  Is this possible?  Thank you!

    @idreaminsilver As I said, you need to specify your experience. Do you program? Does anything in the links in my reply make any sense?


    I am not familiar with Website Builder. I don't know what it is capable of. You need to be able to add a page or some pages that have programming (aka scripting) with it or them. It is probably not possible using Website Builder but I do not know.


    It is likely you can do it for free if you are capable of doing the programming. Otherwise you need to find someone that can do the programming. With Google and services like them you usually can use them for free if your website is not used much. If your service becomes popular then Google might want you to pay.


    Assuming you need to get help with the programming, you must clarify what you need. Programmers say "Requirements Definition". If a programmer does not know what a Requirements Definition is then they are not a professional programmer. I am not saying however that this requires a professional. A Requirements Definition is something that a non-technical person can understand but a Requirements Definition should be clear and precise. A good Requirements Definition should exist before a programmer decides how to implement something.


    You need to determine if Website Builder is capable of including pages with custom programming/scripting.


    As a work-around you could ask people to provide latitude and longitude (some people would call them GPS) coordinates and/or address(es). Those can be copied from maps such as Google Maps. However you still have the problem of where to put the data. Website Builder probably cannot help with that either.