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    International shipping

    I'm curious.  When you are setting up international shipping rates, can we ship to all the countries listed?



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    Hello @lucky123!


    Thank you for posting! Yes, you can ship to all of the countries listed when setting up shipping rates.


    Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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    Hi, i have been adding products to my new website, and in the shipping option i have entered  shipping cost to each item as they all differ in size and weight etc, but when i do a checkout test, the shipping is not showing, just a dash -  .. where and when does it appear for payment?? (not gone all the way through to actually pay as was just testing it).



    The total should include the shipping cost on the right hand side of the cart after you have entered your shipping address (on that page) giving you a grand total, if your seeing a dash I would suggest something is wrong somewhere, make sure your not putting in your own shipping address firstly as it may be seen as posting to yourself or your registered website address, just eradicate that issue first with your testing method.