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    Inventory Integration with Square problems

    I've been having this problem for a while now, have been online with support a few times, and now it has caused my website to sell something I didn't have! When I add a second or third variation to a product in Square, (which I need to use for in-person shows,) and I click the "Import" button, I get a message that the import was successful, but the item doesn't show up. Similarly, if I take an item out of inventory, even after import, the item shows up as being there. Someone bought it, of course! I had to drive across town make another to fill one order. The only thing that worked was to delete the item and add it in, replacing all the pictures and description. This is a long work-around! I'll only do it till my year's subscription is up, then I'm switching to Squarespace or Shopify!

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