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    Is it worth doing SEO for a real estate agent anymore? Let's discuss!

    I recently acquired a real estate agent client, and as we were talking about how to improve his website the topic of SEO came up. He asked a really good question, "with sites like Zillow and Trulio taking over the web, is it worth spending money on SEO for an individual real estate agent's website?" I thought this was an excellent question.


    If you search for real estate agent in x (location), the chances of an individual's website coming up are somewhat slim. So do we continue to put money into SEO? Or is there some other marketing effort that would be better? Something we haven't thought of yet?

    Nicole Hanusek
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    Is it worth it?
    What is a number one position worth?
    Is it possible?
    Obviously yes. But at what investment?
    A typical site is up against the major brands. And major new content that is hard for an agent to match. There are work arounds. A site with IDX updates as sites update. So lots of fresh content. Another automatic that many do not use is a calendar. Feed community feeds into the schedule and you have updated content and advocate for the local area you serve. 

    The part that an agent or broker suffers from is brand. 

    Trust is huge with Google and a large part of that is brand. 

    You can create that by acting like a brand. 


    Social sites in your brand name , not the Best Agent Ever 
    Brands are very careful about their name and how it is listed as well as their naps. Name Address Phone. They are all consistent. So act like a big brand like Coke, Century 21, etc. 

    The closer your site is in relationship (usually a link) to trusted authority, the more that site is trusted as a brand.
    Get your website seo grade here.

    It's not worth it to compete against the national brands for searches like "real estate agent in x (location)". Try targeting smaller niches like a subdivision, neighborhood or specific housing type (e.g. houses with a first floor master bedroom). You'll have a better chance for success.


    I am a little late on this one.  I am a realtor and do all my own seo and marketing. Here is what i have found from experience if it helps.  Going after terms like realtor, homes, houses, or bigger cities is just not cost effective. One just can not compete with the bigger guys such as zillow, or even the brokerages out there. Where ive have my best success is going after smaller neighboring cities and large subdivisons.