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    Issue with download orders

    I continue have issues with being able to download my customer orders or being able to for-fill them easily.


    When I select sort - I repeatedly get an error notification, it takes 3/4 times of hitting the search button for it to work


    Once I've done that and gone into the first customer record, to go into the next one to forfill I have to repeat the process.


    I cant not send an email to my customers anymore to say that their order is completed, so as this is now a week later, as I was hoping it would be fixed I am getting emails from my customers asking questions causing me an even greater loss of time,


    This is a nightmare when you have many many digital downloads.


    I have 40 orders to "complete" so that I can get onto the task of sending my next lot of orders. It is taking hours, when is this going to be fixed? when I contact the Helpdesk it is the same story of


    oh we are looking into it... please help

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    Helper V

    Sounds like this is a priority. I'd call cust. svc. again and see if they can run it up the chain...Perhaps if you contacted them on the weekend they didn't have the regular staff available?

    I wish it was due to contacting them on a weekend

    Happens constantly, I spent 2 weeks being unable to download orders and the only way of getting any help was via here, when I actually had some help from a technical advisor - so here I am 🙂

    I’ve been unable to download orders again this afternoon for an hour, the usual response is “we will get to it”

    Sigh / fingers crossed someone will help

    @MadebyPenguins  Sorry to hear that. I sure hope it gets resolved for you. On the bright side, at least you're getting orders. The lack of functioning SEO on my site had yielded me zero organic hits...:(