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    Joomla - Memory limit!

    I have in Joomla website, i used Phoca Gallery. And when i upload multiple images...

    Error - thumbnail of one or more images could not be created. It was probably caused by a lack of memory (the server does not have enough memory or the image is too large). Go to Options and disable Thumbnails Generation. Remove images which are too large from your server and try to enable Thumbnails Generation again. Get more information about this issue on Phoca documentation site.


    I want to change memory limit. 

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    What kind of hosting are you using @osy91? I know that Joomla is a rather intensive application by itself, perhaps you want to have a look at your hosting plan. Compare your hosting with the advised standards of both Joomla and Phocagallery to insure it is inline with the minimum requirements. Maybe move to a more robust hosting plan or perhaps one you have more granular control over? I hope that helps?

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    I use Ultimate Web Hosting Linux...

    Memory limit exceeded. No further processing of the image. Memory requirement:76 MByte (79561382) Serverlimit: 64MByte (67108864)