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    Layout option is gone

    For the past 2 years ive been able to change my theme and layout of my website. However I tried to change the layout today and it only showed the option to change theme even though the button I clicked said "Theme/Layout". Were did the layout option go?

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    Former Employee

    Greetings @Revniik,



    I believe you will need to select the header section first to see it (or try a different browser, one of mine drops buttons all the time).



    I hope that helps,

    Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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    @Revniik @T-3D You are experiencing the same issues I reported on my templates and others have found. Either our layout style is "gone", or when you resaved your site it was reverted to a default layout given by GoDaddy. Depending on the template and the layout, you may not be able to select the one you want anymore, or even be able to change it at all right now. Apparently, they are working on it and haven't notified their customers. They say we will get some new choices, however, they may or may not be what we want.


    Here's another thread about it: