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    Helper V

    Limited choices on Product Order

    I'm really struggling because I'm shocked to see we will not be able to set our own product order. We are limited to certain preset options at this point. I found this thread where others are discussing it too:



    The preset options are NOT useful to my business. I really hope GD can see this is something we need and will get it added.

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    Than kyou for bringing this up. I had started another thread on the same subject as I had not seen your post. The tech at GoDaddy told me it would be coming but that was months ago! I am very disappointed.

    Yes, it is creating numerous problems for me, that is, not being able to put certain items together. The fact that they have eliminated the "Related Items" option, means my necklaces don't show up next to the matching earrings, so customers have to go hunting for them. I've tried various settings and they all don't work for various reasons. I wish they would get this added as soon as possible. It would make things so much better.