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    Limited features

    I purchased the standard websites and marketing and paying £17.99 per month, Im still seeing maximum of 7 themes to choose from, can often not get photos from from stock images. Being told to upgrade if I want to add paypal. ... I am confused what Im.paying for as I dont seem to be getting much and im.wondering if im missing something
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    1) There should be about 20 or so themes that GoDaddy has for Websites + Marketing

    2) It sounds like you might only have the Premium not the Ecommerce platform

    3) Do you get an error message or such with the stock images?


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    Its a standard site. I am lost on godaddy, I asked one of the chat guys he said I dont have paypal option. Then yesterday I contacted again. I domt work on websites I am setting this up for my business because I am trying to keep the evermounting costs down, I need more sites too for different parts of the business. Im seeing a gidaddu wordpress pro package at 17.99 a month and im thinking that would be more suitable as im pating that anyway, Im just finding it extremely difficult to get standard features already. I have looked around and Im seeing so many different packages and realising that I am.paying 17.99 to have a site that I cant even add paypal to. As for puttig this in main section Im feeling lucky I found this one. (No joke)

    So Im going to ask if I need a minimum of 4 sites with features such as.

    Gravity forms
    Online payments
    And 1 possibly with a community forum (for course students to discuss their course and work).

    Which plan should I buy ?
    Im not currently tied into a plan because I paid £17.99 for a standard plan but know this isnt affordable going forward fkr just one site when I need more.

    Sorry if I am going round in circles, Im extremely stressed over this as the chat help tends to be more a case of struggling to even be understood and 1 chat help.sayin total opposite of the other and nothing ever gets resolved.

    I feel.Im out of my depth but im not a compkete stranger to websites, Just simple updates end up taking all day because something goes wrong, Like it doesnt update or photos dissapear. My current issue now is I cant update the site because the editor seems to habe gone right back to when I first started it, so if I change something and click publish its going to take my site back to its humble beginnings.