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    Mailing list

    Hello everyone!


    I'm in the process of building my new website. I have a mailing list of 482 subscribers through MailChimp. I like creating weekly newsletters on there that get emailed out, and I don't really want to import them to use the Go Daddy newsletter templates. When setting up the Subscribe box on the homepage, is there any way I can link it through to MailChimp to continue the good work I've been doing there?

    Many thanks


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    Helper I

    Hey, @KatieOman,


    I'm a MailChimp user too.  Take a look at their page here with a lot of info on WordPress plugins:


    Mostly I've just put links over to the MailChimp URLs... but now that I'm looking at the other capabilities, I might have to try some of them.



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