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    Member sign out - Web Builder



    I'm using the Web Builder and have a members page. Access to this is via an on page link as I do not want it in the menu. However by not having it show in the main menu there is no option available for members to sign-out when done. Can I use an action button to sign-out and if so what link do I put in?


    Many thanks in advance



    Edit: Out of curiosity I just tried showing the page link in the main menu and although the option to sign-out is offered in the drop down.. it doesn't sign me out at all!

    What am I doing wrong or is it a bug - am I not able to sign-out at all?

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    Sounds like a time to have a look at Advanced Design and Media in Website Builder - Lesson 3 and 4 @HaloJones? If you are using (as an example) they should first get a login page before they get access to the member area? On that page you can place a LOGOUT that only appears on that page by using a different menu bar. You probably want to have a member specific menu anyway? I hope that helps? Please come back and let us know if that video was useful? Thank you in advance!


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    Getting Started

    Very many thanks for your reply @rd  👍

    However, I'm happy with what the video says but it doesn't really cover this. Also I cannot see how you can create a different menu just for one page? My webbuilder doesn't let me do this as the same main menu appears on all pages.


    Also, you say "..On that page you can place a LOGOUT..." - Great, that is exactly what I want to do, but how? There is no 'logout' link - how do I do that? I was hoping it would just be a case of using an action button (or even hyperlink some text) to sign-out. What url do I use to sign-out?


    Finally - as mentioned in my additional added edit: Even when using the main menu with a sign-out option it still doesn't sign me out. Is that a system bug?

    If you go to Pages & Sections > Manage Pages and click Add from the Pages & Navigation. In my example I give my page a title of Members and select the slider for Private Page. You can read more about private pages on Create private website pages.




    Once your Private Page is created and published/saved you can Manage Members. When adding members make sure to grant them access to the page(s) you want them to view. The member will only have access to the page(s) to which they have been given permission.


    Your members should get an email something like:

    One more step!
    Your Website Title has given you access to their private pages.


    Create a password.


    Important: Anyone with this link can create a password for your account. With your password, anyone can sign in as you. Please keep your information private.


    From there they should be able to create a password and login to your Members section.



    Once a user is logged in the member menu and private webpage content will be visible.




    In the member menu there is a Sign out function. Please note that the member menu is only available once a member has logged in. If a member is not logged in this icon serves as a home button. In this example I called the page Members but you can call it whatever you would like. I hope that clears things up @HaloJones?



    ...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

    roy darling *my posts seem a lot shorter in my head

    Getting Started

    No idea why this was accepted as a solution as it doesn't answer the question or address the sign out problem as stated. Not a solution.


    Were you looking to create a more prominent logout for your users @HaloJones?


    Using the example above you do not need the Members page to show. You can turn off the Show in Navigation slider and it will not appear on the menu. The logged in user could still get to the Members page via a link where they will be prompted to login before they gain access. Once the are logged in the Sign out via the user icon in the upper right of the website will be available to them. Unless you wanted something different?


    ...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

    roy darling *my posts seem a lot shorter in my head