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    Merge customer accounts [Online Appointments]

    Many times a repeat client will try to book an appointment using my online calendar and will get a “something went wrong, try again”. Support said to make sure cache is cleaned out or to try a different browser or to delete the account and start over. All of those options do not appeal to my way of doing business, especially when I’m paying for the service. I never had any issues with other online booking services AND I had more control over how the booking works AND the client was able to reschedule or cancel 24/7. Another dilemma is having multiple accounts for one client. I sell packages. I can’t tell if someone purchased a package if that information isn’t on all of their accounts. It’s only on one. I need to merge these accounts.

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    Hi @Sbach,


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    There is currently no function to allow for merging of separate customer accounts. Why do you feel the customers are creating multiple accounts? Is there any notice on the website that advises them one way or the other - multiple vs single? We'll be happy to pass along your request to the product developers if you can clarify the way that your customers are using the website. 



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    Thanks for your comment and question @TLH, which I will try to answer.
    Sometimes a client will go online to schedule an appointment but the system shoots an error message. The client then figures it’s his/her account, so they use another one. Other times they will have multiple email addresses and forget which one they used to sign in with the last time.
    The suggestion I have is a merge function or some way to type in a last name, if multiples pop up, weed out the duplicates. OR be able to search using a phone number. Most folks have one number, which could also be helpful in flagging a duplicate.
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