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    My website showing Default page

    I have uploaded wordpress files to Public html folder and created database, bet when I enter in web browser my site`s IP address it shows go daddy default page. any ideas wht`s wrong?
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    When you set up a new hosting package, there are some default pages already in the root directory, including the ones that says something like "future home of something cool" or "website parked here" or similar messages.


    When someone types in your domain name, it goes to the root directory, and it starts looking for files with names like these, in a particular order: index.html, index.htm, default.html, default.htm, home.html, home.htm, index.php, and so on (that's not the definitive order, just a list of file names off the top of my head).


    For WordPress, the home page gets driven via index.php -- but if your hosting package has another, higher-ranking file (and I mean higher-ranking by the file name) in the root directory, it will pick up that one first. You can FTP in and look for other files with names like the above. Don't delete index.php (that's part of WordPress), but you can delete others in that list. Or if you're afraid to delete them just yet, you can re-name them. Once index.php is the highest ranking valid home page file name on the list, it should be looking at your site.


    I had the same problem. But, I put in a new index file and it still did not work. I did get help (and he required help from 2 of the other consultants). I was told it was an odd problem, 'not necessarily something I did or did not do. They deleted all the files and reinstalled them, and said that worked. I was also told to make sure the permissions read 7-5-5 so the site would be visible. I wrote all this down and tried it with a subdomain web site I wanted to put up, but I simply get the Godaddy default page. I also cleaned out my 'Redirects' folder, also. Is there another switch somewhere that 'enables' the site?

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    Hi folks! Just want to let you know that you won't be able to access your site by IP address if you're on shared hosting. Unless you're using a dedicated IP address. If you're interested in a dedicated IP check this out.


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    Need more details about your site. Is it a WordPress site that is in the subdomain? Is the subdomain actually set up as a subdirectory on the hosting package?


    Do you mind sharing the main URL and the subdomain URL?



    No, not WordPress. Was going to try that later.

    You mean this?

    where the first is the subdomain with its own index file. The second is the main host account.

    I tried replacing the index file several times, as well as renaming it with an htm extension instead of html


    ThNKs fort sduggestions

    Good news: I can see the sub-domain here: 


    I think the issue is that you're typing "www" in front of it, and with a subdomain you don't want to do that. goes to the same place as (or it should). But "www" would only apply to the root, and not sub-domains.