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    Helper V

    New Website Builder's urban template changed

    I manage a website that uses the URBAN template. It has been in production live for a couple of weeks and looking great. All of a sudden, I look at the "Edit Store" version, and the template has been completely changed!! There is now no way to select a layout for the Header section. It just defaults to one of the previous options, instead of the one I have had live. No choices. Also, the font size on the tabs is now much larger and bold, which is very different. I see they've been messing around in there making other tweaks, so somehow in the process our layout options got deleted!! Please fix this GoDaddy.

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    Helper V

    The same issue is occurring on the Luxe template. The pages (tabs) font is now big, bold, and ugly. WHAT HAPPENED? Please put it back the way it was.

    Hi @Hopeful

    Thanks for posting your concerns in our community forum. New themes have been created with more variety, based on the feedback from customers. 

    Here are some of the changes:

    • Each theme will come with its own header design and a unique look (e.g. font, color, button style) and feel across the site.
    • The header layout is baked into each theme. To change the header layout, a new theme should be selected. We are working on additional header options that will be released separately by the end of the year.
    • Other sections will still have multiple layout options.

    Existing customers are currently being migrated to this new theme structure, the original header layout, colors and fonts are the same. The changes are minimal. 

    KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
    24/7 support available at

    @charminglygeeky and others

    Translation: We are no longer able to choose from various header section styles. There will be only one per theme. This is NOT minimal, this is HUGE. So much for switching around your header for different looks throughout the year. It's already bad that we can't switch between themes when we choose, but now we can't even change the header!


    Also not minimal, the number of pages shown in the header was fewer previously. NOW, with the changes, more pages are shown. One of my pages, Return Policy, is in big bold lettering and plastered at the top of my page, which I absolutely do not want to promote. Changing the display midstream on us is not the way to do things. If you want to add new templates, that's fine, but why are you taking away features and making it ugly?

    So how am I suppose to fix this mess GD has created? My PUBLISHED site showed 5 pages in the menu and then a "More" dropdown for the rest of the pages. You've changed it and now it shows 6 pages, the 6th being Return Policy. Since I don't want the Return Policy prominently displayed on the landing page, the only thing I can think of is to add some other page in between which pushes it into the 6th page position so it won't be seen first thing. HOWEVER, I'm assuming doing that will change ALL the links for the remaining pages and hundreds of links will have to redone. Is that right?

    @Hopeful I'm the product manager for this area, and I am sorry that this change disappointed you.  Our team looked at your site, and we actually think your site looks really professional and well done. That being said, we hear your feedback that you feel it is not as good as what you had before. Here are some ways to address the concerns you raised:


    1.  Too many pages shown in menu.  You can change this in two ways...

    a) move the page out of your top level navigation and add it to the footer (looks like you did this with your policy page)

    b) change one of the top level page links into a drop down menu

    Note: you will not need to redo hundreds of links when you change this (they are not hard coded)


    2. Changing theme.  Changing the theme will not cause you to lose any content.  It also only changes the header layout - the other sections you set up will be the same layout.  It will automatically update the style (and if you have changed the color, it will carry the color choice to the other theme).  We did eliminate the separate option to choose a header layout, and instead now have the layouts defined for each theme. However we are enhancing what you can do with the header. For instance, soon you will also be able to choose additional image options for your cover image in the header - you can see the four new options (blur, fit, fill, inset) in the "Slate" theme.  We will be rolling it out to other themes soon. 


    3. Font size.  We did make some changes which we thought would enhance readability. If you click on the home button and go to "theme" - you will see the fonts.  There is a scale for font size that will make adjustments across the entire site so that it stays in balance.  We are also planning to add more flexibility around this soon.


    I'm sorry this is a bit more work for you.  We tried to minimize the impact to published sites, but you're right - this doesn't mean the changes are not noticeable.  Please reach out if you need more info to help you with this.  Thanks, Christine

    @ChristineL Thank you for reaching out. Explaining all of this after the fact may be helpful to others, but not so much for me. Since it has been 4 weeks since I made the original post after first discovering my published site has been changed without any prior notification, I have already taken matters into my own hands.


    In light of the unexpected changes, I had to act fast as I manage more than one site. I had already implemented your suggestion #1 and moved most of my pages on the menu to the footer navigation in hopes that it would not affect the links. It did not, so now my clients will have to look there instead of at the top where, ideally, they should. Had I not checked my sites regularly, the Return Policy would have been one of the few tabs prominently displayed at the top of my page!


    By the way, one of the other sites I manage has had the header layout option removed entirely that that site is published with. I can see it in Edit mode. (The layout had an image that spanned the entire width of the page with text over the top.) I can't republish as is with the layout you changed it to because the owner of the site wants the photo to span the whole width of the page. So now what can I do? I don't have that option anymore.


    I can't imagine what benefit there is to making one header layout per theme, other than to dumb it down for joe public who doesn't realize when they are trying out themes that the header can be changed. (Or used to be able to.) So tell me, without me spending hours going thru themes, which theme has a header that offers a full-width photo with text over it now (like it used to have)?


    I can understand somewhat the font change to make things uniform, although I don't like it. A big bold font for a ladies' boutique just doesn't work. Maybe if I was selling tires...


    My big beef with this whole thing is that all of this was done without any prior notification to your customers. Most of your customers may never realize that when they go into their site to change something on one of their other pages and publish it, that their header is also getting changed automatically without their knowledge!! By then, it's too late.


    It just so happens that one of the other websites I manage had submitted a printed copy of their site with the home page I designed to the copyright office as a  "specimen" as required by copyright renewal law for their name and logo to show their are actively using their name in commerce. Now I can't make ANY minor text change or anything on any of the pages of their website because the specimen they submitted is being reviewed by the copyright office. If I republish, it won't look like that anymore! Who knows what kind of problems such as denials or additional fees to resubmit this would create.


    When you and your team decide on their own to make these changes without considering what kind of impact it can have or without notifying us, you need to realize your changes can have dire consequences. This isn't just fun and games. People out here trying to run a business. Not only would a "heads up" be nice, it's necessary.


    My family uses tons of various software products and not one puts out an update, or an upgrade, without offering release notes somewhere as to what is going to be changing and when. We need ample notice so we can prepare in advance for the consequences these changes will have. At the very least, this is something GoDaddy needs to do.



    Hi @Hopeful 


    Sorry that happened. 

    • For fastest response, we recommend calling our Support team. The Product team reviews Community regularly, but we are never as fast as our Support team.
    • We would be glad to review the sites you manage - can you give us the URLs? We have not seen any cases like this, and I would like to investigate.  
    • There are several themes that allow full width + text overlay.  Can you try:  Slate, Trade, Modern, Dusk, Dawn, Luxe, Retro? 
    • The decision to change how we offer header layouts was made after reviewing customer usability research.  You will soon see more header options - unfortunately these are being shipped over several releases, so you don't see the full set of options yet.

    We have a great Support team that can help with many of the specific issues you pointed out - so if there is urgency still I would start there.  Again, we are very sorry that your sites had such major changes - we will investigate further.



    @ChristineL I appreciate your response. I understand I could have gotten faster service thru your support team, HOWEVER, the chances of them knowing the difference between the themes is slim to none, let alone at the time the change was made, them knowing what the new changes are. As you have stated, you are rolling these changes out in pieces, so there's no way they are being kept abreast of each of these roll-outs. If I want to sit on the phone for extended periods of time while they look into it (which I've done many times), I suppose I could have. But frankly, as I've stated, if we'd been given a heads up, none of this would have been necessary.


    As far as where things are now, there's nothing further to investigate. The versatility of the header options has been removed and what's done is done. You state that we can change themes and all it does is change the header not the other sections. This is not what it used to be like then because I was told early on by customer support that whatever theme I picked, I was stuck with. If you change themes, you have to start over basically with everything. All your copy, etc.--everything--would be lost. Are you sure that's not the case still? If we ARE able to change themes without losing everything then THAT should have been announced, because that's not how it used to be according to your people.


    Again, my main concern is when changes are being made to a product such as WB or GoCentral that we be informed as to what and when those changes are coming. I don't think that is too much to ask and I'm sure you can see how not knowing can wreak havoc in our businesses.





    @Hopeful  You've brought up some really good concerns.  It is kind of silly to think there are 16 different themes to choose from.  If it has different header options that can be multiplied by the various styles, to give more variation, so that this program would work for a wider array of applications.

    I guess my company has only made minor changes in 2019. We just encountered the "upgrade" and lost all of our headers ... a huge problem! What's the timeline for completing the rollout so we can get back to a usable site? We can't even publish minor changes without a complete update. Ugh!