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    No left toolbar

    I just started the trial version of the new website builder. Everything else seems to be working okay, but when I watch the tutorial video to add text, its added from a toolbar from the left of the screen. I've never seen this toolbar, and I've never seen an arrow or anything that would indicate I could expand to find it. Is it just not in the trial version?


    Thanks for any help.

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    Hey @lf,


    It sounds like you're looking at a tutorial for our previous Website Builder version. If you're looking to edit fonts in the latest version, check here


    CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
    24/7 support available at

    I have the same problem. Was building my site and somehow lost the left side toolbar. How can I restore it?

    I would like to add text to Header of the website, but there is no option to add custom text box.

    Please help.

    Left toolbar I have just started using GoDaddy and it is not there I cannot see how I build a proper site without it.

    I rang the helpline once and he said it would be there in a couple months and rang again because there was so little I could do when trying to set up a site and she said she did not know about it, it had never been there.?

    If anyone knows anything or has updates please let me know.