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    No option to change font color? Only background color pops up

    I can not find the answer by searching, this should be simple. How can I change the text color on a template? It is only giving me the option to change the background. Am I stuck with a color I don't want? I like the layout of this template and none are perfect, but I thought I would be able to change the color to what I have in mind. Thanks in advance

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    Hello @ksrseller5!


    Welcome to our community! Sounds like you're using our Website Builder. The font color is determined by the theme you select in Website Builder. For the most part, it can't be changed without changing the theme itself. However, you can create text blocks with text in the color you want with the background the same as the site itself and place the block over top of the font you wish to change as a workaround. If you'd like a different font color for the entire site, you may be better off starting over with a different theme in the color you want.


    Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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    This is an issue that needs to be resolved. You can't go through an entire build to find out you cannot change the font color. This is a poor design.  If I change my Theme I wipe out all I have done.


    Godaddy needs to fix this if they don't want to lose customers to Wix and others who provide a more flexible platform.



    you wrote: "you can create text blocks with text in the color you want"


    How? There's still no color option in the TEXT tool



    Hi Heather, I am using the Minamaze template - the font colour throughout the website is very light grey and hard to read, especially as it is extremely small . Do I understand right that it can't be changed? Will I have to build a new website with a completely new Theme? Please tell me there is a solution. Thanks Gudrun