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    Nowhere to put Category body copy!

    Just spoke with a rep, and the new GoCentral Store has nowhere to put body copy pertaining to each Category! Nowadays, it's suppose to appear under the products, but there's no place for it! Tried to add a new section underneath, but of course it is static and doesn't then change as the category changes. This is a standard component of a website. I can't imagine why that functionality is not there, unless it was just an oversight. Please add this 🙂  I need to describe the products in each category and give information pertaining to those products.

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    Hey @Hopeful,


    Appreciate you bringing this up for discussion. I've passed along the details to our developers to take into consideration with their planned future updates. If any other member would like to add their thoughts on this feature, they're always welcome. 

    CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
    24/7 support available at x.co/247support

    Thanks, CG. Please do!


    Checking back to see if there's any word on when this might be added. Without a way to describe the differences between my jewelry collections, this is just not going to be good. Each collection has important aspects I need to explain and provide to my customers. It is in-depth information about the way it was designed, the metals, etc. It needs to be below each item the customer views so they know the qualities of that specific collection and why it is different from other collections. There is TOO much information to repeat it in every product description and I'd look like an idiot if I did so. I really don't want to put it elsewhere on the website because they'll never see it or take the time to go there to read it. It HAS to be next to the product and automatically change when they click on a product from a different collection. PLEASE, can you see if this can be expedited somehow? Thank you!

    @CG  Well, it's now been nine months since I alerted the powers that be that there is no place for category copy. I'm REALLY hoping they can get this added soon, as I REALLY need it, as explained previously. Lack of this information makes it hard for anyone to discern the difference between my lines of jewelry and without it it's just not fitting to put that many descriptions on some other page. It also doesn't help my rankings without it. Any word on the status, Chris?



    Sorry for the inconvenience.  Having a brief description for each category makes sense.  We are looking at including a brief description along with a image for each category.  Your customers would be able to see the image and description on the category specific pages as well as on Featured Category widget or module on the home page.  We are trying to get to this feature, after few critical ones on our product roadmap.  Appreciate your patience. Please know that we are working diligently to address your need.



    Mohan Kumaresh,

    Product Manager, Online Stores

    Thank you @ProdMgr_OLS. I remain "hopeful"!

    @ProdMgr_OLS @CG  Lack of a place for some basic category copy is now creating problems with the search engine. My site is live and instead of there being information applicable to my Shop page, the search engine took what it could find further on down the page and made it my meta description for Shop. UGH! PLEASE tell us this feature is getting added ASAP. Please?

    @ProdMgr_OLS  Yet another issue is happening because of having no place for body copy for each category. In addition to using the wrong copy for the meta description, which I have provided them via the SEO settings, the search engines are not finding my products because of the lack of body copy. I feel this is true because I have some products with VERY unique names and it is virtually impossible that any other site has a product by that name, yet the search engine is not finding it. I believe the SE checks the category first, reads the category copy, and then reads the product name. Since there is no category copy to read, it doesn't find the products. SO, Mohan, please tell us when this feature is going to get added. It has now been 14 months!

    Hi - this is exactly my issue.  Our product titles are very unique, if I put them into google letter for letter they don't show.  There might be only 4 other websites on one returned search page and we are not on there.  Even if I put out company name in.  It's an absolute shambles. Before we swapped we were enjoying a great web presence and selling products all over the world.

    We are stuck with this product for another 14 months.  I was on to GD support for literally two hours and got absolutely no where, they just kept repeating the same thing over and over.  Saying it is SEo issue - it is not. something is fundamentally wrong with the setup. When I said how are my customers going to find us they said that they will have to go to your website first and then search for the products.  

    And like you say the search box on the website doesn't even work properly.

    Awful situation to be in, I have a friend who is a lot more technical than me and I am going to try and find out exactly what the problem is and try to escalate it.  We can't be the only ones this is happening to??

    Thanks for your reply, I will keep in touch with how we get on



    Sorry to hear the challenges you are facing to get found on the search engines. Could you please share little more details like your store and the product you are trying improve the ranking. We would analyze it and figure out what is going on. 



    Hope this helps,

    Mohan Kumaresh, 

    Product Manager, GoCentrl Online Stores


    @ProdMgr_OLS @Gelloire  Mohan, It seems Gelloire and I are having the same issue. NONE of our products are getting found. As I have stated, having no body copy (category copy) is playing a role in this fact, IMHO. When can we expect this to be added to the templates? We have been very patient in waiting and surely there has been time to get the other updates you said you needed to get done finished by now.

    Hello Mohan @ProdMgr_OLS 

    Thank you for replying to our query.

    We used Deluxe Shopping Cart for a few years and enjoyed Page 1 ranking in Google for a lot of our products.

    When we were up for renewal it was suggested we moved to Go Central Online store as we could list a lot more products.


    Naively I went for it, assuming our organic web presence would come with it.


    However it hasn’t.  Breedon and Gell (our company name) in google comes up with us top of page 1 and that’s about it.


    I have carried out the SEO tools for homepage, about us, contact us etc


    I have entered titles and descriptions for all of the products on the SEO section of adding a product on Go Central online store.


    But not a single one of our products is listed anywhere on google.

    We sell quite niche products with not a lot of competition on some of them.


    For example If I enter this title of one of our products:


    Letter for letter, we are not listed on any of the 8 results

    This is the same even if I put Breedon and Gell in front of it.


    If I search just the part number itself

    3241F860 we don’t show on any of the listings in the 7 pages of results returned.

    This is the case for all of our products.  I can understand not being page 1 or top of the tree but our products are just no where.


    I can’t really afford to keep with this platform as our online sales have disappeared unless I sell through ebay (which I loathe) but we have one more year left of subscription.


    Any help would be massively appreciated



    Hi - is there any update on our query please?

    Weeks later I am no further forward and our web presence is zero.

    There is something wrong massively with this setup.

    It's not SEO etc etc as I have already described at length below.

    Item example


    Put that in google, it comes up with only six returns and we are not one - the words above are our item title to the letter. why would we not feature on google AT ALL - someone please help

    We were top of many pages on the website builder platform.  move to go centra online atore and it is all left. got 12 months left of this contract it cant continue like this


    @Gelloire @ProdMgr_OLS @CG Ditto here. I have ZERO visitors (other than those known to me) and ZERO results based on Google or Yahoo searches. There is something inherently wrong with GoCentral that is causing this. The situation is DIRE!! I am not happy paying for a product that flat out doesn't work. With no organic hits whatsoever, every day that goes by I am losing money. I completely missed out on sales during the Christmas season, Valentine's Day, etc. and cannot survive like this. This is a BUSINESS product, not fun and games people. Quit with all the developer's time on bells and whistles and get the basic product functioning. (Including the search feature that doesn't work either.)

    Is my problem connected? I have been on Gocentral since January, trying to do all the SEO optimization I can but even though the SEO page says 6/100 pages have been optimized, I can only see 6 pages to optimize - how do you get to the other pages which are the product  pages? None of my products are found in searches, even when I search in conjunction with my website name, I can only find my website which is no 1 when I search - but that's not much good as customers search by product. I am now submitting each and every product URL onto search console to see if that helps - I have had no sales yet - and I am worried - given the number of posts on this, I would have expected a bit more participation by Godaddy?   

    Hi - unfortunately I think they are the same problem.

    Please let me know if the search console input helps for you

    I too get zero organic hits unless it is from someone putting company name direct into google.

    Previously we had the majority of our products top of page 1 - moved to this platform and boom, all gone 😞

     Its having a serious affect on our sales, Go daddy are not even acknowledging an issue never mind fixing it.  I have 1 year left with them and we will lose a lot of revenue in that year.

    I've contacted their support which was a waste of time, I was on for hours (literally) they were very rude to me. There is no escalation  process to speak to a manager,

    Well I’ve done the SEO as far as I can, added in the SEO section of the add products section and I have SEO’d the 6/100 pages it lets me which are home page, about us etc.

    This is a massively frustrating problem – I’ve seen a lot online about go daddy lately and it’s not good.  If it was something I could fix myself, even if it was time consuming and laborious I would do it!

    Please let me know if you get anywhere and I will vice versa, good luck

     @Jackieartesan @Gelloire I would also like to know if your action with the search console input helps. I have spent HOURS looking into this problem. It seems that some of my images on my non-product pages are indexing with the search engines (just like they were last time I checked) based on the SEO I made for those images. HOWEVER, none of the products in my store are being indexed whatsoever. I've performed multiple word-for-word searches on various products and none of them come up in either images or meta description listings.This product as it stands is completely worthless to me without organic hits. If I wanted to sell only to people in my contact list, I'd do that on my own without paying for this service. It has now been what, 2 years?, and no movement. What's up GoDaddy?

    Thanks for the reply, yes I am worried about my sales too.  I can see that my product URLS which I manually submitted for inspection in search console were crawled at the beginning of March but I still cannot locate them on a google search looking 7 pages, even when I copy the product url into the search section. Now I have changed a couple of the product titles to begin with my website name to see if they will eventually come up  and I have also submitted my shop sitemap.ols.xml which I only just found out about from trawling through the community help comments, if this is crawled, it may make a difference - I have been disappointed with the level of knowledge of the support team in being able to advise solutions but I think it must be the godaddy culture - as the person I spoke to last told me that she only had basic knowledge and there was no scope there to learn more. I will be writing to my sales guy to give him feedback - I have a feeling that sales might have more ability to run problems up the line, especially if its going to threaten future sales. Will post further on this  

    @JackieartesanHave you been able to achieve an improvement regarding this matter?

    Hi no sorry, I have had no success so far - I've spoken to GoDaddy, and changed the SEO on my products - now I am about to create more external links into my products and resubmit the website to be crawled to see if it helps but I did a free audit (Silktide) and it said that the headings were not well defined, link text not optimized, titles and descriptions incomplete, last update was 1,359 days ago (why are they not updating the website?) which I don't think I can change and other stuff like lack of external links which I can change. I'm not hopeful at the moment. I hope you have had some progress on your site.