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    Online Scheduling Multiple People and Prices



    I am building an Escape Room Business and I am liking the online bookings a ton except that I may not have it set up the way I need it to be.


    I would like to be able to allow someone to book multiple slots if they are booking for a group. I am unable to figure out how to do this currently. it seems that someone can reserve one spot and pay their reservation fee, but I would need the ability to charge for each person in addition as well.



    Base reservation price is $20 a person. John wants to reserve for himself and his date. I need for him to be able to add another person and pay $40 for the two of them together in one transaction. Jane wants to book with her friends, she wants to book 5 spots, hence I need for her to be able to book 5 spots and pay $100.


    Maybe I just am missing something here, but this would be an incredible feature that would greatly help my business.


    Thank you!

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    The only way I can think to do what you describe, within the constraints of the GoCentral appointments module, is to create a Class/Event for your open dates and then note the limit as to the number of participants.


    You could go one step further and use categories to further segment your group numbers to offer (2, 4, 10, etc.) and rates.


    HTH! 😉


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    @TimeHeistEscape Thank you for your feedback. We are looking into ways to let you allow your customers to reserve and pay for multiple participants at once. Please keep the suggestions coming.



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    Pianpian, GoDaddy product manager

    I need this too...right now if a group of 5 wants to book for an event that can handle 20 people, they have to do the transaction 5 times.